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Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying was founded in 1996 by the current owner Johnny J. Williams. It was founded on the principles that providing quality surveying services in a timely manner, at a reasonable rate, would sustain and increase business. Upon the company’s inception in 1996, there was one part time employee in addition to the owner. The company’s business practice was in Duplin County, North Carolina. Now, Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying has nine full time employees and one part time employee. The company’s work area extensively covers Duplin, Onslow, Lenoir, Jones, Pender, New Hanover, and Sampson Counties. Other areas are also served throughout southeastern North Carolina. Three field crews, two licensed surveyors, and one licensed consultant continue to allow this surveying company to operate on the same principles which it was founded upon. 

The three licensed surveyors that operate the company had have experience in land surveying for a combined ninety-one years. These three individuals have been licensed for sixty-two of those ninety-one years. The other individuals that operate the field crews for Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying have combined experience of seventy-four years. Seven of the nine full time employees have a minimum of ten years’ service with the company. The two remaining employees each have a minimum of three years’ service with the company. Our ability to keep the employee turnover low allows us to take pride in maintaining our basic founding principles. 

Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying currently performs boundary surveys, topographic surveys, GPS surveys, ALTA surveys, drone surveying, elevation surveys, flood zone determinations, construction stakeout, and land planning. Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying has provided these services to county governments, local governments, large and small land developers, individual citizens, architectural and engineering firms, and construction companies. These services have taken place in the areas previously described. 

In order to perform the various functions and types of surveying work that have been required in this company, Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying has five vehicles, one ATV, one GPS mapping grade unit, three survey grade GPS units, one robotic total station, three conventional total stations, one DJI inspire drone, and six data collectors. All crew chiefs are capable of running each and every instrument, giving Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying greater flexibility and efficiency in providing services to our clients. Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying owns a 2300 hundred square foot office building located in the Town of Beulaville, North Carolina. At this office Microsoft Office products are utilized for our day to day office management. The drafting department uses Carlson surveying software. The office has six desktop computers and one laptop computer to carry out the functions of the business. 

Johnny J. Williams Land Surveying has been blessed with knowledgeable, dependable employees and an outstanding client base that has grown since the company’s inception. Our experience along with our equipment and services allow us to continuously maintain the principles of providing quality services, in a timely manner, at reasonable rates. We know that these principles have made our company successful and will continue to do so in the future.